RTL-SDR Empfangstest im 2m AFU-Band.wmv

RTL-SDR Empfangstest im 2m AFU-Band.wmvEmpfangstest im 2m-Amateurfunk Band 144-146MHz Source


Gqrx receiving broadcast FM using RTL-SDR and Funcube Dongle

Gqrx receiving broadcast FM using RTL-SDR and Funcube DongleA short demo video showing reception of wide band broadcast FM using Gqrx SDR and comparing the Funcube Dongle (96 ksps) with an RTL2832U-based DVB-T dongle (running at 900+ ksps). The video also demonstrates switching between two input sources at run time. Gqrx is an open source software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt, read more at: Source


HDSDR + Realtek Cheap SDR on Mac OS X with Wine, BorIP Server & GNU Radio

HDSDR + Realtek Cheap SDR on Mac OS X with Wine, BorIP Server & GNU Radiowiki.spench.net wiki.spench.net wiki.spench.net wiki.spench.net wiki.spench.net twitter.com Source


Noxon DAB Stick SDR (osmocom rtl-sdr) RTL2832U

Noxon DAB Stick SDR (osmocom rtl-sdr) RTL2832UFirst attempts on trying the Noxon DAB Stick at 144.800 MHz APRS with the delivered Antenna (indoors). See more here: sdr.osmocom.org This Stick was designed for listening to DAB only. Under Ubuntu it works for DVB-T and as a SDR with a Bandwidth up to 3.2 MHz. Tuning range could be from 64-1700 MHz (not tested with this NOXON Stick) 73 Oliver DL6KBG Source


UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RX

UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RXTesting a homebrew 6el Yagi with no preamp directly connected via 2m coax cable to a DVB-T dongle used as cheap SDR. Nice signal strengths from UHF military satellites. These data streams are around 244 MHz. There are various downlink signals in the 240-270 MHz range. These are only used as test signals since they are highly encrypted and cannot be decoded, of course… For more information and a frequency lists please see PJ Marsh’s website: Source


Verified RTL2832u & E4000 Source

Just thought I would give some links to a source based on personal experience. I’ve ordered multiple dongles from AliExpress with GREAT results. I paid extra for DHL shipping and my dongles arrived from China to the West Coast of Canada in just 3 days!

Here are links for: 1 Dongle, 2 Dongles, 6 Dongles from Newsky being sold as model TV28T (Note: slight circuit difference from original TV28T received, but works)

Note to NEW AliExpress members, I believe you should get an additional $5 at checkout. I noticed when placing my first purchase there was a coupon available just before payment. Not sure if there was a minimum order (I spent $65 the first time for 2 dongles + DHL shipping).

Image of dongle received on 4/23/2012:

Dongle Shootout: Funcube vs RTL SDR – Part 1

“A small “side by side” comparison of a Funcube dongle and a cheap RTL SDR DVB-T dongle (Hama Nano) connected to the same antenna and using identical test systems from a geostationary INMARSAT satellite to compare received signal to noise ratios (SNR).

The FCD is used “live” in this video while the DVB-T IQ stream (1MHz bandwith) was prerecorded a few minutes before the video in order to avoid having to switch the dongles and reconfigure software back and forth and thus save some time in the video…” –Ottiki

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