FunCube PRO+ vs RTL-SDR

aunumero73 Over on YouTube has posted a video illustrating the difference in FM Selectivity on the FunCube Dongle Pro+ and a R820T tuner based RTL-SDR. The FunCube Dongle has an expected performance advantage over the RTL-SDR but one must consider the price difference ($190 vs ~$20) between these two devices.

If you’re looking for a dongle to use as an RTL-SDR, check our page on where to buy rtlsdr tuners.

OH5SHF/B – 50.033MHz – KP30HV

OH5SHF/B - 50.033MHz - KP30HVOH5SHF/B 50.033MHz BEACON KP30HV KOUVOLA FINLAND 6/4/2013 09.55UTC by YO8TNB. Source


9H1EJ – 50.093MHz – JM75GU

9H1EJ - 50.093MHz - JM75GU9H1EJ 50.093MHz RAYMOND JM75GU 6/4/2013 08.50UTC by YO8TNB. Source


OH1SIX/B – 50.012MHz – KP11QU

OH1SIX/B - 50.012MHz - KP11QUOH1SIX/B 50.012MHz BEACON KP11QU 6/4/2013 11.30UTC by YO8TNB. Source


TK5JJ – 50.166MHz – JN41IW

TK5JJ - 50.166MHz - JN41IWTK5JJ 50.166MHz JEAN JN41IW 6/4/2013 08.35UTC by YO8TNB. Source


SM5ISM – 50.137MHz – JO89HK

SM5ISM - 50.137MHz - JO89HKSM5ISM 50.137MHz LARS JO89HK 6/4/2013 10.45UTC by YO8TNB. Source


SDR HF RTL plus Janilabs HF upconverter

SDR HF RTL plus Janilabs HF upconverterRTl SDR HF and VHF reception with Janilabs precision HF upconverter. Source


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