Alien transmission! Gqrx and RTLSDR

Alien transmission! Gqrx and RTLSDRSomethings wrong in my settings, appparently, or we have some galactic Beatles fans performing a tribute! Source


RTL SDR + 100mHz konverter

RTL SDR + 100mHz konverterRTL SDR + 100mHz Konverter . antenna sirio gp27s .Gyönyörűen jön este 22 órakörül 27mHz es tartományba az állomások . konverter véget 127mHz en jelenik meg a kijelzés. Source

(more…) – RTL-SDR W/ RTL3832U & FC0013 Tuner - RTL-SDR W/ RTL3832U & FC0013 TunerMessing around with a EzTV645 W/ the RTL2832U and FC0013 Tuner Chip. Software being used is SDR# (SDR Sharp). I’m having some issues like getting mixed FM boardcast signals no matter where I’m at and multiple images of the same signal. I was told this was normal as I thought I messed something up while soldering in a pig tail to replace the current RF connector. See for more information Source


20120529 2207 29 – RTL-SDR – FM RADIOS

20120529 2207 29 - RTL-SDR - FM RADIOS Source


rtl-sdr Live USB/DVD image prototype by DLBB

rtl-sdr Live USB/DVD image prototype by DLBBJust has some bugs in it… But hey! It works ;) Source


Exploring with RTL-SDR and Gqrx

Exploring with RTL-SDR and GqrxVideo showing basic principles of operation for Gqrx using Realtek RTL2832U tuner. Tuning into some strong local FM stations at the beginning, then switching over to 930 MHz to listen to some pager transmissions. Source


Cocoa Radio GUI

Cocoa Radio GUIThis is an early prototype of the user infertace for Cocoa Radio, the SDR app I’m writing for the RTL-SDR on Mac. Source


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