Dongle Shootout: Funcube vs RTL SDR – Part 2

“This time small “side by side” comparison of a Funcube dongle and a cheap RTL SDR DVB-T dongle (Hama Nano) connected to the same antenna with no preamp and using identical test signals from geostationary UHF military satellite downlinks in the 240 – 270 MHz range to compare received signal to noise ratios (SNR).

The FCD is used “live” in this video while the DVB-T IQ stream (1MHz bandwith) was prerecorded a few minutes before the video in order to avoid having to switch the dongles and reconfigure software back and forth and thus save some time in the video…

Most of this satellite downlinks are encrypted data links except for the illegal Pirates from Brazil or occasionally other unintended uplinks or harmonics making it into the uplink :-)” – MegaOscarVideos

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