USB DVB-T tuner brugt som SDR modtager

USB DVB-T tuner brugt som SDR modtagerUSB DVB-T tuner brugt sammen med RTLSDR Extio driveren i programmet HDSDR til at modtage et SSB signal på 2m. Jeg har fjernet antennen til dette forsøg, da den transciever jeg benytter står så tæt på, den er desuden sat på lavest effekt. Source


Short guide on getting back Stereo Mix on integrated audio in Win 7

Short guide on getting back Stereo Mix on integrated audio in Win 7Just a quick video for those who may be wondering how to get Stereo Mix for recording loopback using HDSDR/SDRSharp or whatever you may choose. Source


SDR# With RTL-SDR Support

“SDR# (read SDR Sharp) is a simple, intuitive, small and fast PC-based DSP application for Software Defined Radio. It’s written in C# with both object design correctness and performance in mind. The main purpose is to offer a simple proof of concept application to get hands into DSP techniques. It supports SoftRock, FiFiSDR, FUNcube Dongle, SDR-4 [,rtl-sdr] and any sound card based SDR front end.” —


SDR# (SDR-Sharp) versions 244+ (dev) have added support for RTL based SDRs supported by ExtIO. Extract the download link to the same folder you installed ExtIO to. If you haven’t done that yet, try this guide.

Download Link

To use the software with an RTLSDR dongle, Select USRP under the ‘Front End’ drop down box beside the Front End button. Then use the now active ‘Front End’ button to show the ExtIO GUI. Don’t forget to add your device hint!

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