UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RX

UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RXTesting a homebrew 6el Yagi with no preamp directly connected via 2m coax cable to a DVB-T dongle used as cheap SDR. Nice signal strengths from UHF military satellites. These data streams are around 244 MHz. There are various downlink signals in the 240-270 MHz range. These are only used as test signals since they are highly encrypted and cannot be decoded, of course… For more information and a frequency lists please see PJ Marsh’s website: Source


RTLSDR WFM FM Broadcast With SDRSharp (SDR#)

RTLSDR WFM FM Broadcast With SDRSharp (SDR#)This is a test of the WFM demod with SDR# and the RTLSDR. Yes I know I have a lot of noise, this is due to Corsair power supplies. I would never recommend a Corsair power supply. Source


Homemade Discone for RTL-SDR Use.

“I have been getting into software defined radio via RTLSDR and found the stock antennas woeful for reception and picked up a tonne of noise from my LCD and laptop – though it’s hardly surprising.  So to improve the situation and spend as little as possible I decided to make a discone antenna.  After some research I happened upon VE3SQB’s site and a neat discone design program for Windows.  As a compromise between frequency and unwieldyness I settled on 130MHz as the lower bound.  Discones are inherently wideband and I expect the antenna to be useful for reception in the 60MHz to 1700MHz band the E4000 tuner can work with.” — http://helix.air.net.au

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