SDR Radio RTL.MOVRicevitore radio autocostruito su base RTL e tuner 4000 , filtro trappolato per la FM, filtri su alimentazione e usb line, circuiteria schermata. Source


Testing a Studio1 SDR control software

Testing a Studio1 SDR control softwareWhen a single monitor is NOT ENOUGH !!! :-) I was trying a configuration with 2 SDRs… Source

(more…) – RTL-SDR W/ RTL2832U & FC0013 Tuner - RTL-SDR W/ RTL2832U & FC0013 TunerMessing around with a EzTV645 W/ the RTL2832U and FC0013 Tuner Chip. Software being used is SDR# (SDR Sharp). I’m having some issues like getting mixed FM boardcast signals no matter where I’m at and multiple images of the same signal. I was told this was normal but I messed something up while soldering in a pig tail to replace the current RF connector. Too sensitive to ESD See for more information Source


NT1K – RTLSDR W- RTL2832U and E4000 Tuner

NT1K - RTLSDR W- RTL2832U and E4000 TunerTesting out the EzCap EzTV668 that has the RTL2832 and the E4000 Tuner Chip. I think it’s much better that the FC0013 Tuner. However don’t take my word for it. For $20 you can’t complain either way at 00:40 you will hear a conversation on a local repeater (W1TOM 146.940), One of the stations is close by my QTH and with the 2Mhz sampling, you can see both the output of the repeater and the -600khz input from the operator. Source


Decoding Motorola Type II SmartZone with a $30 DVB stick

Decoding Motorola Type II SmartZone with a $30 DVB stickDecoding Motorola Type II SmartZone using DVB Dongle with the Realtek 2832U chipset connected to a cheapo VHF/UHF TV antenna sitting outside on my deck. Will need a second tuner to follow the audio, but this shows the control channel being decoded. I can still “follow” it manually… Source


Alien transmission! Gqrx and RTLSDR

Alien transmission! Gqrx and RTLSDRSomethings wrong in my settings, appparently, or we have some galactic Beatles fans performing a tribute! Source


RTL SDR + 100mHz konverter

RTL SDR + 100mHz konverterRTL SDR + 100mHz Konverter . antenna sirio gp27s .Gyönyörűen jön este 22 órakörül 27mHz es tartományba az állomások . konverter véget 127mHz en jelenik meg a kijelzés. Source


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