New REDHAWK SDR Software for Linux

DangerousPrototypes has just posted a link to a newer SDR application named REDHAWK. The REDHAWK GitHub page describes the project as,

“REDHAWK is a software-defined radio (SDR) framework designed to support the development, deployment, and management of real-time software radio applications. To support the design and development of software applications, REDHAWK provides tools that allow development and testing of software modules called “Components” and composition of Components into “Waveform Applications” that can be seamlessly deployed on a single computer or multiple network-enabled computers.

The REDHAWK integrated development environment (IDE) provides tools to support development of REDHAWK software. The development and deployment of REDHAWK Applications are aided by graphical editors and drag-and-drop Waveform construction. The IDE allows users to interact with and control multiple running REDHAWK instances and applications.” -GitHub

Check out Redhawk SDR if you’re looking for a different application to try on Linux for use with your RTL-SDR. Also take a look at the Redhawk documentation for more information.

18 Minutes of Pager Traffic 2012 July 12 San Jose rtlsdr sdr# pdw flex

18 Minutes of Pager Traffic 2012 July 12 San Jose rtlsdr sdr# pdw flexHave a pager? This is how secure your network is. Source


NOAA Bay Area Broadcast – 2012 July 11 RTLSDR RTL-SDR SDR# SDRSharp

NOAA Bay Area Broadcast - 2012 July 11 RTLSDR RTL-SDR SDR# SDRSharpBroadcast from the top of Mt. Umunhum. Was very surprised at the accuracy of the RTL dongle. I am using unamplified rabbit ears to pick up the signal. Source



WAER via RTL-SDRLocal university jazz station :D Source



RTL-SDR FMBC TestWith SDR# Source


RTL-SDR Empfangstest im 2m AFU-Band.wmv

RTL-SDR Empfangstest im 2m AFU-Band.wmvEmpfangstest im 2m-Amateurfunk Band 144-146MHz Source


Downconversion and Filtering

Downconversion and FilteringThis video shows the progress made on Cocoa Radio since the last video. The spectrum that is visualized in the waterfall and graph is AFTER the downconversion mixer and FIR filter. As I move the red line (software tuning) around on the display, it changes the tuning of the downconverter, and you can see the spectrum change. Also, when I change the IF bandwidth, you can see the effects of the filtering. There’s still quite a bit of work to be done, but these results are encouraging. Source


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