RTLSDR WFM FM Broadcast With SDRSharp (SDR#)

RTLSDR WFM FM Broadcast With SDRSharp (SDR#)This is a test of the WFM demod with SDR# and the RTLSDR. Yes I know I have a lot of noise, this is due to Corsair power supplies. I would never recommend a Corsair power supply. Source


Introducing RTL-SDR: a $20 SDR

the machinegeek over at DangerousPrototypes.com has posted an article on the RTLSDR Project:

“If you don’t want to spend $1,200+ for a USRP SDR to use GNU Radio the crew at OsmoSDR want to help. In addition to their other amazing work, Osmocom team members (notably Steve Markgraf) have been hacking away on an alternative least-cost solution they call rtl-sdr.”



Introducing RTL-SDR: a $20 SDR

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