Verified RTL2832u & E4000 Source

Just thought I would give some links to a source based on personal experience. I’ve ordered multiple dongles from AliExpress with GREAT results. I paid extra for DHL shipping and my dongles arrived from China to the West Coast of Canada in just 3 days!

Here are links for: 1 Dongle, 2 Dongles, 6 Dongles from Newsky being sold as model TV28T (Note: slight circuit difference from original TV28T received, but works)

Note to NEW AliExpress members, I believe you should get an additional $5 at checkout. I noticed when placing my first purchase there was a coupon available just before payment. Not sure if there was a minimum order (I spent $65 the first time for 2 dongles + DHL shipping).

Image of dongle received on 4/23/2012:

List of online sources for Tuners (OUTDATED)




(MIRROR FROM REDDIT.COM ON 4-18-2012 by roger_)

Disclaimer: nothing in this list is guaranteed, buy at your own risk.

We’re getting a lot of questions from people trying to buy tuners, so I thought it was about time to compile a list of online sources:

  1. $14 for Unikoo UK001T from (possible scam, beware)
  2. $20 for Unikoo ? from eBay (be wary of seller)
  3. $26 for Newsky TV28T from AliExpress
  4. $17 for ezcap EzTV666 from eBay (model not confirmed, contact seller) (sold out)
  5. $21 for ezcap EzTV666 from (model not confirmed, contact seller, possible scam, beware)
  6. $20 for ezcap EzTV668 from DealExtreme (sold out)
  7. $20 for ezcap EzTV668 from DealExtreme (sold out)
  8. ¥70 for ezcap EzTV6xx from Taobao (model not confirmed, contact seller)
  9. €31 for Hama Nano from
  10. €32 for Hama Nano from
  11. €33 for Hama Nano from
  12. £35 for Hama Nano from
  13. €24 for Terratec Noxon (Rev. ?) from
  14. €25 for Terratec Noxon (Rev. ?) from Voelkner
  15. £28 for Terratec Noxon (Rev. ?) from
  16. CHF 35 for Terratec Noxon (Rev. ?) at
  17. €16 for Logilink VG0002A from Voelkner
  18. €21 for Logilink VG0002A from Conrad
  19. $38 for MyGica MY-T803 from JB Hi Fi
  20. £12 for PROlectrix DV107669 from

Prices include taxes + minimum shipping amount when possible.


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