SDR# and RTLSDR WFM Stereo #2

SDR# and RTLSDR WFM Stereo #2This is the official release of WFM Stereo on SDR#. It has a stereo enhancement that provides better stereo separation and higher audio fidelity, I have tested this against WRPlus and SDR# is much better audio wise, and keeping a lock on Stereo. You can watch me clicking FM Stereo on and off, and on the top of the screen you can watch the (( stereo )) icon go on and off. Source


SDR# and RTLSDR WFM Stereo

SDR# and RTLSDR WFM StereoThis is a preview of SDR#’s WFM in Stereo using the RTLSDR at 2.048Mhz. Watch my mouse click Stereo on and off. This is a pre-release of the software with Stereo FM. Source


RTLSDR as a APCO Project 25 receiver

The MachineGeek overt at DangerousPrototypes has posted yet another great update on a RTL-SDR project.

Balint Seeber has done it again! In this video he shows how to take the RTL-SDR dongle and use it in conjunction with the open source OP25 project to successfully demodulate APCO Project 25 (P25) digital radio voice communications. P25 is a term used to refer to a modulation system used by many public safety agencies for digital radio transmission purposes.

Link: RTL-SDR APCO Project 25 (P25) receiver

Introducing RTL-SDR: a $20 SDR

the machinegeek over at has posted an article on the RTLSDR Project:

“If you don’t want to spend $1,200+ for a USRP SDR to use GNU Radio the crew at OsmoSDR want to help. In addition to their other amazing work, Osmocom team members (notably Steve Markgraf) have been hacking away on an alternative least-cost solution they call rtl-sdr.”



Introducing RTL-SDR: a $20 SDR

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