RTL2832U SDR vs Funcube

RTL2832U SDR vs Funcubetwo dongles on same strong local narrow FM signal, sound is send to left an right channel. Its needed to correct ppm to have it work on same signal. Source


Decoding Oregon Scientific wireless sensor data with RTL-SDR and GNU Radio

Kevin Mehall has posted some python source code that is capable of accessing rtlsdr / GNU Radio samples directly.

“This script decodes the packets that Oregon Scientific remote thermometers (like the one pictured [above]) send to the display unit. It also serves as example code for accessing rtl-sdr / GNU Radio samples live from Python.

Each sensor transmits every 30 seconds on 433.9MHz. The packet is repeated twice. Modulation is On-off keying, and the 32 data bits are manchester encoded. “kevinmehall



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