Testing RTL-SDR: reception in FM band (1)

Testing RTL-SDR: reception in FM band (1)Reception in FM band (in Aosta, Italy) intended as a test of the RTL-SDR project (part 1). Hardware: Logilink VG0002A DVB-T USB key, used with ExtIO plug-in and WRPlus software. Aerial used: DVB-T “stub” provided with the key, on the desk close to the personal computer. Source


Rise of a weather balloon in a few seconds…

Rise of a weather balloon in a few seconds...Today I followed an almost complete rise and falling of a weather balloon. Software for decoding SGP transmitter was Sondemonitor. My Setup: HDSDR Sondemonitor RTL-SDR Double Cross Antenna Source


RTL-SDR and HDSDR decoding RS92SGP weather baloon transmission

RTL-SDR and HDSDR decoding RS92SGP weather baloon transmissionToday I caught a weather baloon transmission with RS92SGP transmitter on 405.700kHz. Source


Verified RTL2832u & E4000 Source

Just thought I would give some links to a source based on personal experience. I’ve ordered multiple dongles from AliExpress with GREAT results. I paid extra for DHL shipping and my dongles arrived from China to the West Coast of Canada in just 3 days!

Here are links for: 1 Dongle, 2 Dongles, 6 Dongles from Newsky being sold as model TV28T (Note: slight circuit difference from original TV28T received, but works)

Note to NEW AliExpress members, I believe you should get an additional $5 at checkout. I noticed when placing my first purchase there was a coupon available just before payment. Not sure if there was a minimum order (I spent $65 the first time for 2 dongles + DHL shipping).

Image of dongle received on 4/23/2012:


Over on Michele’s GNSS blog He has supplied some interesting information on her testing with A Newsky TV28T and GPS signals. It yet again reinforces the idea of E4000 being the current “best” tuner controlled by a RTL2832U.

(image source: http://michelebavaro.blogspot.it)

“For once, the group of innovators is European.
“These guys of osmocom are smart and -what’s even better- their work with the open source team. RTL-SDR is, I believe, one of the freshest finds in the Software Defined Radio domain. The Fun Cube Dongle, developed in UK, is already a very clever tool. But finding the super-tuner Elonics E4000 (note, again a UK Company) in 25$ USB DVB-T dongles and being able to grab data in a 3MHz bandwidth between 64MHz and 1.7GHz… that is really cool.” — michelebavaro

Link: Spring News in GNSS and SDR domain

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