SDRSharp Scanner Plugin Tutorial and Demo

Over on YouTube, userĀ radiosification has posted a video showing how to go about setting up the SDR# Scanner plugin. This is a great way to get your RTL-SDR to function as a radio scanner so you don’t have to manually tune the bands. It assumes you already have your RTL-SDR installed and configured to work with SDR# but walks you through the rest of the process of installing and using the plugin. The download page for the plugin is in Russian but the video shows how to translate the page and find the download link. If you’ve used this plugin before, leave a comment and let us know any tips or troubles you may of had.

Radiosification has also posted another video showing the SDRSharp scanner plugin being used to scan the airband which is located between 108mhz to 137mhz.

Cocoa Radio GUI

Cocoa Radio GUIThis is an early prototype of the user infertace for Cocoa Radio, the SDR app I’m writing for the RTL-SDR on Mac. Source


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