World’s cheapest INMARSAT reception using DVB-T USB dongle (RTL SDR)

MegaOscarVideos over on youtube has posted a great video regarding his use of a RTL-SDR dongle to receive INMARSAT


Over on Michele’s GNSS blog He has supplied some interesting information on her testing with A Newsky TV28T and GPS signals. It yet again reinforces the idea of E4000 being the current “best” tuner controlled by a RTL2832U.

(image source:

“For once, the group of innovators is European.
“These guys of osmocom are smart and -what’s even better- their work with the open source team. RTL-SDR is, I believe, one of the freshest finds in the Software Defined Radio domain. The Fun Cube Dongle, developed in UK, is already a very clever tool. But finding the super-tuner Elonics E4000 (note, again a UK Company) in 25$ USB DVB-T dongles and being able to grab data in a 3MHz bandwidth between 64MHz and 1.7GHz… that is really cool.” — michelebavaro

Link: Spring News in GNSS and SDR domain

EzTV666 and APRS

Alexandru Csete over at has posted some info on his tests with the RTL2832U-based ezcap EzTV666 DVB-T dongle.


Last week I have tested the RTL2832U-based ezcap EzTV666 DVB-T dongle on the air using various VHF signal. Already Saturday I attempted to receive APT from the NOAA-18 weather satellite. These satellites are always very strong and it was no different using the EzTV666 as you can see on the screenshot below. I was using a handheld ArrowII antenna using an extra adaptor cable, but nothing to match the 50 Ω from the antenna with the 75 Ω in the dongle.” — Alexandru Csete


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