There are several types of RTL-SDR dongles. The R820T and E4000 based dongles are currently the best choices. The R820T is the least expensive and provides the best performance in regards to sensitivity. The R820T frequency range is 24 – 1766 MHz. The E4000 has gone up in price due to it has becoming rare after going out of production. The E4000 tuners frequency range is 52 – 2200 MHz with a gap between 1100 MHz and 1250 MHz.

I’ve personally purchased multiple dongles from AliExpress with GREAT results. I paid extra for DHL shipping and my dongles arrived from China to the West Coast of Canada in just 3 days! Here are links for: 1 RTL-SDR Dongle, 2 RTL-SDR Dongles, 6 RTL-SDR Dongles from Newsky. See THIS POST for more info on my experience with Newsky on AliExpress.


For those living in the USA, you may wish to check out

NooElec Brand rtl2832u & 820T Dongle:

  • Included RTL2832U and R820T tuner ICs on the USB deviceRTL2832U
  • Will work for both for software defined radio and DVB video capture (where available)
  • Compatible with most SDR software, including SDR#. Provides an approximate tuning range of 25MHz-1700MHz for software defined radio (SDR)
  • Includes NooElec-Branded USB stick, remote control, and antenna
  • NooElec guarantees a protection diode on the input to protect from ESD damage
  • Price: $21.95 plus shipping unless you buy two or more  (as of July 15 2013)
  • Click here to View

Vantech Terratec Realtek 2832u & E4000 Dongle:

  • Realtek RTL2832U & Elonics E4000 USB DVB-T Receiver Tuner
  • fit for RTL-SDR Project DVB-T Tuning Range (approximate) 50MHz-2200MHz
  • Terratec Original DVB-T FM + DAB
  • Antenna Input Female PAL (IEC 169-2)
  • Tuner IC Elonics E4000
  • Price: $28.88 Shipping Included (as of July 15  2013)
  • Click here to View

Ding Hao Tech supplied RTL2832u & 820T Dongle:

  • Included RTL2832U and R820T tuner ICs
  • Dongle has MCX female connector
  • Remote Control
  • Antenna with MCX male connector
  • Driver CD
  • Price: $8 plus $4.49 Shipping
  • Click here to View


Here is a live updated widget showing the most popular RTL-SDR items from Amazon:

  • sigi

    just got a packet from hongkong … eztv666 seems not to be sold out
    (i got 6 packs for me and friends)

    got them from dealextreme for 17 dollars … so that source is still reliable … greetz



    • admin

      I ordered the 666 and got a 668. No complaints with it though.

  • Jim

    Anyone know if any of the models sold by Maplin in the UK have the RTL2832U chip in them and are therefore compatible with SDR# etc.?

  • Rudolf

    Trekstor DVB-T Stick Terres 2.0, has e4000 tuner,
    20 Euro in Germany at Saturn and MM

  • Gabone

    It seems that Sysmocom does not ship the EZTV nor Newsky anymore. I asked them this morning and they are out of stock. Besides that, they said there is no chance in the future to sell it anymore.

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