Get Some Of The AM Band Without a Direct Sampling Modification

User Superphish over on YouTube has posted a video of a discovery made over on Reddit by Anonofish involving tuning your RTL-SDR to a high frequency below the range normally accessible by the dongles tuner. It does appear this is for dongles with the E4000 tuner.

By using a E4000 RTL-SDR and tuning to 3686.6 MHz and above, you can receive a small part of the AM band without the need for an upconverter or direct sampling mod.” – Superphish



SDRSharp Scanner Plugin Tutorial and Demo

Over on YouTube, user radiosification has posted a video showing how to go about setting up the SDR# Scanner plugin. This is a great way to get your RTL-SDR to function as a radio scanner so you don’t have to manually tune the bands. It assumes you already have your RTL-SDR installed and configured to work with SDR# but walks you through the rest of the process of installing and using the plugin. The download page for the plugin is in Russian but the video shows how to translate the page and find the download link. If you’ve used this plugin before, leave a comment and let us know any tips or troubles you may of had.

Radiosification has also posted another video showing the SDRSharp scanner plugin being used to scan the airband which is located between 108mhz to 137mhz.

Decoding Flex 1600 Pager Traffic with SDR# & PDW

NeedSec just posted on YouTube a video illustrating how to use a RTL-SDR to decode Flex 1600 pager traffic using PDWVB-Cable and SDR#. It is always surprising there is still pager traffic as when is the last time you can remember seeing someone with a pager in public. We’ve shared videos showing this sort of thing before, but NeedSec gives a great overview of what you need to do to accomplish successful decoding of Flex-1600.



FunCube PRO+ vs RTL-SDR

aunumero73 Over on YouTube has posted a video illustrating the difference in FM Selectivity on the FunCube Dongle Pro+ and a R820T tuner based RTL-SDR. The FunCube Dongle has an expected performance advantage over the RTL-SDR but one must consider the price difference ($190 vs ~$20) between these two devices.

If you’re looking for a dongle to use as an RTL-SDR, check our page on where to buy rtlsdr tuners.

OH1SIX/B – 50.012MHz – KP11QU

OH1SIX/B - 50.012MHz - KP11QUOH1SIX/B 50.012MHz BEACON KP11QU 6/4/2013 11.30UTC by YO8TNB. Source


9H1EJ – 50.093MHz – JM75GU

9H1EJ - 50.093MHz - JM75GU9H1EJ 50.093MHz RAYMOND JM75GU 6/4/2013 08.50UTC by YO8TNB. Source


OH5SHF/B – 50.033MHz – KP30HV

OH5SHF/B - 50.033MHz - KP30HVOH5SHF/B 50.033MHz BEACON KP30HV KOUVOLA FINLAND 6/4/2013 09.55UTC by YO8TNB. Source


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