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NT1K.com - RTL-SDR W/ RTL2832U & FC0013 TunerMessing around with a EzTV645 W/ the RTL2832U and FC0013 Tuner Chip. Software being used is SDR# (SDR Sharp). I’m having some issues like getting mixed FM boardcast signals no matter where I’m at and multiple images of the same signal. I was told this was normal but I messed something up while soldering in a pig tail to replace the current RF connector. Too sensitive to ESD See for more information Source

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  • Jack

    I just bought one of the EZcap’s and what software are you using
    with it. I tried HDSDR software but no luck as of yet.

  • Jack

    I wish I could get my software installed so this thing will work.
    I wish someone would come out with a clean install and not have to put
    all these extra files in etc.

  • Joe

    You better start with the SDR#, which is able to communicate directly with the dongles driver and is easier to set up. I tested E4000 and FC0013 based dongles … the ones that I used showed that the E4000 is the less sensitive but very clean soultion (no intermod on my discone antenna), while the FC0013 based dongles were more sensitive, but would cause intermodulation even when the frond end had been attenuated – if attenuated further, the intermod might fade but with the very low sensitivity it would be useless.
    You can very well see the effects when listening to the ATIS of a local airport, you will find all the other near by aircrafts transmissions, saturating the front end, being modulated onto the received station, while the E4000 based shows no interference at all. When listening to weak signals on a very “silent” band, like the 255.555MHz SatCom band, you will pick up the weak signals with a much better signal to noise using the super sensitive FC0013 versus the E4000.
    Though they have a much higher noise floor (eg. -45dB vs. -75dB) to begin with, but they pump up the wanted signal between 5 to 10 db more signal/noise!!! versus the E4000.
    If you have strong signals nearby, receiving with the FC0013 is a gamble between hearing the signal very clear or being jammed by self made interference and/or temporary insensitivity caused by front end overload.
    I believe the very best way to go is to run the clean E4000 based stick at a slightly pre amplified antenna, with the amp located right at the antenna and a gain between 6 and 12 db, in order to not overload it, but compensate for the slight lack of sensitivity.
    Just to put the sensitivity into relation – the E4000 is mostly as sensitive as my Bearcat scanners, which is slightly less sensitive than my amateur radio transceiver, while the FC0013 based sticks make you read signals which’s existence you can barely notice with average scanners. So it is really worth using these 15 to 30 Euro receivers!

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