UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RX

UHF MIL SATCOM with 6el Yagi and cheap RTL SDR RXTesting a homebrew 6el Yagi with no preamp directly connected via 2m coax cable to a DVB-T dongle used as cheap SDR. Nice signal strengths from UHF military satellites. These data streams are around 244 MHz. There are various downlink signals in the 240-270 MHz range. These are only used as test signals since they are highly encrypted and cannot be decoded, of course… For more information and a frequency lists please see PJ Marsh’s website: Source

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  • Ray

    You are doing VERY well! I used the FunCube dongle and just a dipole but could still get SOME copy of the UHF milsats, but not as good as what you see. There are also frequency hopping signals on the satellite(s) that I could copy on the east coast of the USA. It sounded like “popcorn” and were easily seen as semi-random “pips” on the waterfall display across a few MHz, even with my weak radio/antenna set-up. With your gain antenna, it should be VERY much stronger.

    I do wish that they had some clear text/clear speech, other than the Brazillians. ;^) If they had something more to listen to, I was planning on building an RHCP beam, but I found nothing but enciphered data and Brazillian “CB’ers'” . Good luck and good radio ‘hunting’!

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