RTLSDR Compatibility List

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DeviceUSB IDPicture(s)Chipset/tunerCompatible?Notes
ezcap EzTV6681RTL2832U/E4000Yes~$20 on DealExtreme
ezcap EzTV6661, 2RTL2832U/E4000YesCertain revisions may not use RTL chipset
ezcap EzTV6460BDA:28381, 2RTL2832U/FC0012YesSome revisions may have the E4000
Terratec NOXON0CCD:00B31RTL2832U/FC0013Yes
Terratec NOXON (r2)1RTL2832U/E4000Yes
Terratec Cinergy T Stick Black (r1)0CCD:00A91RTL2832U/FC0012Yes
Hama Nano (53330)1, 2RTL2832U/E4000YesExpensive ($30 – $50) but compact
MyGica/G-Tek T8031F4D:B8031RTL2832U/FC0012YesDriver here
Unikoo UK001T (P160)1, 2RTL2832U/E4000YesAvailable on eBay, search for “P160 tuner” (was cheapest at ~$11, prices raised now), note similar looking P320 is incompatible
Newsky TV28T1, 2, 3RTL2832U/E4000Yes$26 on AliExpress
Peak 102569AGPK1B80:D3951, 2RTL2832U/FC0012Yes1Driver may mistakenly say Afatech
Dexatek1D19:1102RTL2832U/FC0013YesAlso branded as the MSI DigiVox mini II V3.0 (but not all use Realtek’s chipset)
MSI DigiVox mini Deluxe1D19:11011, 2RTL2832U/FC0013Yes
Ardata MyVision1B80:D3931RTL2832U/FC0012YesAlso branded as the Twintech-UT30
Genius TVGo DVB-T03 (Ver:B)1RTL2832U/FC0012Yes
Lifeview LV5TDeluxe1F4D:C8031RTL2832U/FC0012YesInfo here, available in Poland for < $30
Logilink VG0002A1D19:11011RTL2832U/FC0013Yes
PROlectrix DV1076691F4D:D8031RTL2832U/FC0012YesAvailable on eBay
GIGABYTE GT-U73001RTL2832U/FC0012Yes
(Generic)1, 2?/E4000?Available on eBay, black, looks like Newsky TV28T, chipset not confirmed
Logilink VG0002A048D:91351IT9135/?No
Logilink Nano VG0010048D:9135IT9135/?No
“Mini DVB-T”1, 2IT9130/?No~$10 on eBay, grid vent
“Mini DVB-T”1AF9135/?No~$10 on eBay, solid vent
Seetech ST-D881AF9135/?NoAvailable on Alibaba
WandTV1AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay and DX
(Generic)1, 2AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay and Alibaba, grey
(Generic)1, 2AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay, blue
(Generic)1, 2AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay, black
(Generic)1, 2AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay, black, looks like Newsky TV28T
Unikoo ? (P320)1, 2IT9135/?NoLooks the same as the P160, available on eBay
(Generic)1, 2AF9135/?NoAvailable on eBay, black, looks like Newsky TV28T
My Choco TV D2054K1, 2?/?NoDoesn’t use RTL chipset, available on eBay, shaped like chocolate bar

1 Should be, but untested.

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  • https://sites.google.com/site/myrtlsdr/ Janos

    I discovered 2 other “not-compatible” products.
    The USB ID-s and pictures are at the end of my page, here:
    best: t.janos

  • Albert van Bemmelen

    “whitestar II” auvisio [pcb: D21T ver.2.0] 174 MHz-230 MHz and 470 MHz-862 MHz did not work with SDR# because of the two wrong chips: NXP TDA 18211 HD/C2 + AF9015A.

    Another stick from Terratec Cinergy T stick [pcb: EPS4000014000C0 0935 (RT) H4 94V-O] also didn’t work with SDR# because of the wrong chips: TUA 9001 + AF9035B (White stick bought from Conrad).

    Aldi stick (with sticker 06/2009) [pcb:RK-4350A MO2 94V-O 09 14] works but no sound or demodulation in the FM band.
    Probably because of wrong tuner chip type : FCI 2580
    RTL 2832U chip okay.
    Shows in SDR as Dexatek DK DVB-T Dongle (MSI Digi Vox mini II V3).
    Speed: 2.048 MSPS.

    • Puiu Alexandru

      i have rtl2832 with FCI2580 tuner and works, but it seems only between 180Mhz to 990Mhz, something like this, with audio..

  • abrigno

    I have a Terratec Cinergy Tstick+. Does anyone know if this will work with SDR radio. seller on Ebay says it has Realteck and E4000 chip but can’t find it in compatibility list.

  • Anoymous

    Terratec Cinergy Tsick+ has RTL2832U chip and E4000 tuner. At least devices I own. Works with SDR ok.

  • Anoymous

    Addition. I use it on on linux. Gnuradio + gqrx. I am not sure about windows, I don’t use it

  • Andrei

    I have a Terratec Cinergy 200 usb
    It doesn’t work
    I guess the tuner is EM2800

  • Joan

    The MyGica/G-Tek T803 with RTL2832U/FC0012 is similar to other sold in spain by “NPG” brand and renamed as “Real DVB-T F Plus”

    External product pictures example:

  • RenĂ©

    Is the receiving cirquit important ?
    Are all sticks with the decoder RTL 2832 compatible.

    The Nooelec TV28t has an Receiving IC R820T and the RL2832U
    He is not yet in your list

  • Dan

    Hey I bought “Geniatech U720 Analog TV Tuner”,Is this compatible with SDR.I couldn’t find any reference to this please help.

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